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The History of Soap

The roots of the soap are traced back to ancient Greece, and specifically to the island of Lesvos, as well as to various ancient people of the Orient, especially of Messopotamia and of Egypt, since about 2300 BC. The first soap was a mixture of ash, oil and aromatic herbs and it was also used as a therapeutic cosmetic.

In ancient Greece, we find the first testimonials about soap from myths in the island of Lesvos, near the sanctuary and the altar of the goddess Artemis, where sacrifices and animal cremation in honor of the gods used to take place.

The animal remains, mostly fat, together with the ash which mixed with rainwater, gave the first type of soap.

Thus, according to the myths, the soap gets its name from the poet Sappho, paraphrasing her name.

The Greek olive oil, together with the rich flora, in healing and aromatic herbs, produces our soaps, which rank in top positions worldwide.