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Therefore, after our ancestors settled in Alexandria, with the security of the strong Greek diaspora and the spiritual warmth of the Patriarchate, they put down roots and made progress, working at various jobs.

From there, grandfather Nikos Dovas and grandmother Victoria, flew with their family to Mersa Matruh, the ancient Amunia. They had two children, our father Yiannis and our aunt Aikaterini. The name Amunia comes from Amun – Ra* (Amun – Zeus for the Greeks).

Mersa Matruh, at that time, was the most beautiful tourist resort and the safest natural harbor.

It was called the Egyptian Riviera, and it was considered “the pearl of the Mediterranean”.

Έτσι μετά το 1930, άρχισαν να χτίζονται πολλά ελληνικά ξενοδοχεία όπου όλα τους μέχρι το 1960-65, εξυπηρετούσαν την τουριστική αριστοκρατία της βορείας Αιγύπτου.

It was not by accident that the notorious queen of Egypt, Cleopatra the Third (160 – 101 B.C.) chose that place to establish the famous sea water baths, nor that the German General Rommel chose to set up his headquarters and his shelter there, because of its geostrategic position. It was 300 Km away from Alexandria and one hour and a half away from the famous oasis of Siwa. Thus, after 1930, many Greek hotels started to build, all of which, up until 1960 – 1965, served the tourist aristocracy of northern Egypt