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Our Laboratory

Our workshop is housed in a special room in our Guesthouse in Platanias in South Pelion, where we organise, at the same time, interesting ecotourism and agrotourism activities.

When we decided as a family to leave Athens and return to the village aiming at renovating our Guesthouse, we said that we would deal strongly with ecological activities and natural products, for a different attitude and quality of life.

Our purpose is a return to nature.

One of these activities is the production of homemade soap from exclusively natural products, made with much care, respecting consumers, and with the same responsibility towards soap as towards alimentary products.

Here are their basic characteristics, as well as the reasons why you should opt for our organic soap:

1. Virgin organic olive oil

Our soap is manufactured exclusively from our local virgin product, the Pelion olive oil.

2. Natural glycerin and over – fertilisation

They contain their natural glycerin, which is produced during saponification, since it is not eliminated, as it happens with the hot production process in manufactured bar soap. Through the method we use, we achieve up to 10% over – fertilisation, which means that pure unsaponifiable oils remain in our soap, which, along with natural glycerin, protect the skin.

3. Aromas

To scent our soap, we use authentic natural extracts from aromatic plants – herbs, beneficial for the skin.

4. Foam

During usage, our soap leaves on our body a rich and creamy foam, which stimulates the senses, emits fragrances and exudes an air of luxury.

We achieve that only through our natural technology and not with chemical products.

5. Coloring

Our soap is colored only with natural vegetable dyes.

6. Health

Our soap has extremely good antiseptic, disinfectant, antioxidant and also detergency properties. By personal experience, we point out that they help with many skin conditions, such as dry skin, dermatitis, hair loss, psoriasis etc. and they protect from ageing of the skin.

7. Ecological – environmentally friendly

The advantage of the cold production process of our soap is that all the materials saponify and there is no waste material. In this way, our soap does not produce waste and is 100% ecological and biodegradable.

We are here to display our products, our certified organic soap, along with another standard of living and a true outlet for real holidays in South Pelion, which we love so much. Come to live the dream!

Nikos Dovas

You should know that there was no animal testing for the creation of this soap.

To conclude, therefore, the virgin organic olive oil, the natural glycerin, the successful over – fertilisation, the rich foam, the natural coloring and scenting in our soap, are very important factors for the protection and the hygiene of the skin.

They just render it unique.

Wash yourselves and your hair and enjoy their action without fear, especially with warm water, and it will give you a fresh and healthy glow. Buy them for your friends and family. It is an original gift and you will impress them!

With our attitude, we address more and more ecologically sensitised people, for a more natural and healthy way of life.